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Renterinc.com lets landlords search and review their tenant's rental history. It's free and legal.

Get More Insight

See what can’t be found on a credit report or a background check.

Verified Reviews

No need to play the detective, all reviews are submitted by verified landlords.

Encourage a Good Behavior

When tenants know that they will be reviewed, they tend to be better tenants.

Save time and paper

Request a landlord reference request online a get a quicker response, then faxing

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Why use Renter?

  1. Tenants screening is not easy and can be a gamble, previous landlords can provide key insight that can’t be seen on a credit report or a background check.
  2. Landlords can simply check to see if there are already landlord references submitted by previous landlords about your applicant. If there is, there is no need to call or fax the previous landlord for a reference. If there isn’t one yet, simply request the landlord reference from the previous landlord by entering their email address and the release authorization and the website will do the rest. Once the previous landlord submits the reference, the new reference is available online for future landlords to see if they have an authorization.
  3. Landlords are busy, by making landlord references available online, landlords can save their time by writing a reference about their tenant once and simply referring other reference requests about the same person to a Renter report that’s online.
  4. Make tenants behave well because you can remind them that their tenancy history will be shared with future landlords.

Who can submit reviews?

Only current or previous landlords, property managers, apartment managers can submit reviews about their tenants. Before submitting review, landlord/manager must verify ownership of property/apartment before submitting reviews about a tenant who lived in their property.

Who can view reviews?

Only those with release authorization are permitted to view review(s) about perspective tenants. It's a standard practice for applicants to sign a release authorization form when applying for rent which gives that landlord permission to check the applicant's credit report, criminal record, eviction report, employment verification, and rental history.

Can tenants see reports about themselves?

We are in the process of creating an ability for tenants to view their own reports and be able to dispute the information submitted about them. There will also be an option for tenants to request landlord references from previous landlords. We verify each landlord by requiring them to provide proof before allowing landlords to submit a review about their tenant. This will give an opportunity for those with less then perfect credit report, but who were good tenants, to prove the prospective landlords that they are good tenants. We are aware that since the housing market crash, there are a lot of good people with poor credit reports who are having a hard time securing housing due to foreclosures that resulted in poor credit.

Is this legal?

We know that people's privacy is very important, and we built our website with complete intentions to comply with all the privacy and fair housing laws. Our service helps prevent housing discrimination, by only allowing landlords to answer fact based questions in a yes/no format. Our service is completely compliant with Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Housing Act. Renter Inc was reviewed and approved by an internet attorney and consumer protection attorney to make sure that this website is completely legal.

How much does it cost to use Renter?

While in the beta phase, this service is completely free for verified landlords, property managers and apartment complexes. We're all landlords here, and we're helping each other build a central location where landlords legally share landlord references.

How it works

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